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Up Close and Personal

When our patrons arrive at Society Cabaret I always hear the theme song from Cheers playing through my head. “Where everybody knows your name, and their always glad you came”. Such a warm room, wonderful guests, talented performers, its so nice to “press the flesh” with hugs, handshakes, kisses on the cheek so much more then our social media contacts. We like keeping contact via social media but seeing each other face to face is terrific. Then there is the opportunity to share the creative experience. The performer is on stage, the audience is in the house, and there is magic between them. It happens right there in front of your eyes. As the cast of Pippin, the Musical sings, “We’ve got magic to do”. Better then any magician trick – this magic is real. It puts a spring in a step, adds reflection to inner thoughts, changes life paths and there is nothing like it. Nothing at all like a live performance shared by a room filled with others experiencing that moment when audience and performer click. I await next weekend, when the room fills with patrons, the artist takes the stage and everyone is glad we know their name. See you at the Door!